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Brass Knuckles

Well, kiddos, I must say…

…a lot of my new followers have some quality blogs! I don’t even have enough time to mine the archives. Thanks for following and hope your 2013 is a great year for you all! Cheers!

Finally caught up on the new followers!

Welcome to the fold, chirren! Thanks so much for following.

Just cleaned out 15+ deactivated accounts.

Also going through and unfollowing a ton. Mostly blogs that don’t follow me and blogs that haven’t updated for awhile. Also, I haven’t had the time (or computer power) to check out all my new followers. Hang tight, I’ll check out your blogs soon(ish). Have an awesome day!


Only two more followers til I reach 1,500! Who’s it going to be??


To all my new followers:

Oodles of new followers! ♥o♥

Welcome, my chirren! Enjoy the show!