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Brass Knuckles


7,000 followers. Thanks bunches, kids! I judge myself based on the popularity of my tumblog.

You know what really grinds my gears?

When someone follows me and reblogs pretty much everything I reblog but chooses to reblog from a different source. It’s like, what’s the point of following me if you’re going to reblog a picture from another source after seeing I reblogged it. I can see you do it. Grrrrr!

Number One…

…it’s hotter than a whorehouse on 2-4-1 Tuesdays.
Number Two: I’m realizing I don’t follow a lot of you and you guys are all amazing. Some day I’ll get to your blogs…

Six thousand…

…thank you all for joining me on this fun ride. Tumblr is a great time suck for me and I’m glad you all like me my tumblog enough to follow. Some of the best blogs I know (most porn) have gathered 10,000 plus in less than 3 months and I’ve worked little by little to get all my fans just by posting what I like. Thanks, ya’ll!


Think I’ll check up on my followers…

…and do some followbacks. Who will pique my interest?

I followed back all the gals who liked my last post…

…also, checking out your blogs, why wasn’t I following you in the first place?

I love all my female followers…

…you’re all beautiful and I’m very grateful you follow my pervy blog.

Omai, time flies by…

…I haven’t had time to lose myself in tumblr lately and managed to pass up the 4,000 follower mark. A big thanks to all of you for choosing to fly Air Trucker.

Sooo close…

…to 4,000 followers. Not that I keep track of that shit or anything…

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You guys are effing awesome!


P.S. Getting an awesome hot queue set up for you guys! Get ready for it…

I feel bad.

I haven’t been keeping up with all my new followers. Usually, I’ll take some time to check out blogs and follow back what catches my fancy. Thanks for following, tho, and I’ll check them out…soonish.

I automatically follow back porn blogs.

Yet I always manage to complain to myself that there’s nothing but penis on my dashboard.

Christ on the fucking cross…

If you are under the age of 18 I’d prefer you not follow me. In fact, let’s pretend you don’t. I will not be following you back. Sorry, nothing personal, but I get uncomfortable around children.

[edit] That came off a little harsh, but I have 13 year olds following me. =__=*

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Hello, new followers!

Welcome aboard!

Hey, ya’ll

Currently without internetz. I did not abandon you, so please don’t abandon me. I promised more goodness to come and I am a man of my word.