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Brass Knuckles

That’s all, folks!

For now, at least. I have no means to keep up with tumblr at the moment (computer is deader than a doornail and my iPod has run away from me) so I figure I’ll take this time to take a sabbatical from tumblr. I had a blast while it lasted. I won’t be deactivating, so help yourselves, mine the depths of my archive, and reblog away! Who knows, I may be back someday and I hope some of my favorites are still active if and when I do. Watch the skies for me. Cheers!

Feb 11th at 1PM / tagged: Goodbye. Archive. Sadsies. / reblog / 15 notes
  2. self-in-dul-gence said: Come back soon, your tumblr was love at first sight!
  3. thehardveneer said: D:
  4. greatlakesguy2 said: hate to see you go……..
  5. ursaminorjim said: I hope to see you soon.
  6. ittakesalltypes said: i love your tumblr! come back soon
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